Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurship Capacity Development from the Perspective of a Nigerian University

  • Catherine Abiola O. Akinbami


The importance of the entrepreneurship educational curriculum and its teaching approach to enterprise skills development in Nigeria was examined in this study. Also examined was the relevance and adequacy of the entrepreneurship education (EE) taught in tertiary institutions to students’ development of entrepreneurship capacity (EC). The study identified the learning perspective as the appropriate teaching approach to achieve the objectives of EE syllabus in Nigeria and a major instrument that could lead to greater level of entrepreneurship capacity being developed in the students of EE. The study therefore recommends that the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) should review the national tertiary educational and related policies to reflect the dynamics in today’s world of globalized economy.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship education, Entrepreneurship capacity, Curriculum, Self-employment, Teaching approach


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2071-2162
print ISSN: 2072-7992