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Modelling contemporary perspectives on materials development for Kiswahili pedagogies in Uganda’s lower secondary schools

Caesar Jjingo
Leonard Bakize


Kiswahili is a foreign language (L3) in Uganda. Since the 1990s, Uganda has experienced an increase in the importation of Kiswahili instructional materials, notably from Kenya and Tanzania. Arguably, in this situation, many teachers of Kiswahili in Uganda’s lower secondary schools are generally characterising their institutions as locations of imported materials that can hardly support its teaching, as an L3. This situation suggests a general dearth in Uganda of informed perspectives concerning materials development for facilitating L3 pedagogies. Engaging in document analysis techniques and personal communications to constitute its methodology, the paper adopts a framework on L3 teaching and learning to model contemporary perspectives on materials development. The paper is envisioned to equip mainly aspiring Kiswahili materials developers in Uganda with basic theoretical insights and practical orientations to be exploited while writing drafts for their proposed materials that can suitably facilitate Kiswahili pedagogies mainly in lower secondary schools of Uganda.

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eISSN: 0023-1886