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An Enquiry into the Religio-Cultural Experience of Women in Nigeria: Towards a Philosophy of Reciprocity

IA Kanu


Scholars have accused religion of defending class society and patriarchy. This has become increasingly emphasized to the extent that religion is now seen as one of the instruments of oppression rather than redemption. This paper explores the religious and cultural elements that affect the dignity of the Nigerian woman, like the Sharia Law in Northern Nigeria, the case by some feminists against marriage rituals and the use of exclusive language in the liturgy. While not suggesting any intention to trek all the allies of the religio-cultural experience of women in Nigeria, it adopts a new method to tackle the problem, by focussing on the ethic of reciprocity as a tactic for restoring the dignity of women.

Key Words: Religio-cultural, experience, women, ethic, reciprocity, Nigeria