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Reading Culture and Internet Browsing: A Shift of Paradigm among Nigerian Adolescents?

O S Oladunjoye


This study was conducted to examine the state of adolescents’ readiness to project a stable reading culture in a society where the growth of ICT is catching their fancy, A total of 100 respondents, 52 awaiting admission into the university and 48 in their first year in the university, were used. Four hypotheses were tested to confirm the average number of hours the participants devout to browsing on one hand and to reading on the other, identify gender difference in respondents’ perception of the time they spend and what they use the time for and if their browsing indeed have any impact on their reading habit. The participants’ awareness of the existence of ICT language training programmes was equally tested and whether such have impact on adolescents’ attitude to reading or studying. All the four hypotheses were rejected and probable reasons advanced. The thrust of the recommendation is that it is possible to assist the adolescents to combine their drive for internet browsing with the essential culture of reading.

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