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Ethnic Survival in Achebe’s Novels: a Postcolonial Perspective

A A Aba


This article examines ethnic survival in three of Chinua Achebe’s novels, using postcolonial theory. He depicts Igbo culture as transforming the impact of colonisation; the self-preservation of the natives as persistent; and colonisation as not being an unmitigated subjugation of the indigenous terrain. Igbo unity and integration challenges Africa’s efforts at nation building. Is Igboland socio-politically stronger than the Kangan nation merely because of monogenic culture, smaller size, and cohesion? Do ethnic loyalty and modernisation hinder tribes from developing a sense of nationhood? Or, could fruitful nationalism be grown from the seeds of ethnicity? How effective is Westernisation in transforming parochialism
into patriotism? These are issues under discussion here.

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