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Women’s Bodies, Battle Ground and Commodities: Violence against Women in Niger Delta, Nigeria

T M Ola


The Niger Delta, which is the mainstay of Nigeria economy, has a hidden epidemic of sexual violence against women. In other word, the Niger Delta crisis is gendered. Rape, sexual slavery and forced prostitution are all the vices perpetrated against women in the region. All these have physical, psychological and social consequences on the womenfolk and there is little or nothing the federal government of Nigeria is doing to stop these abuses and bring perpetrators to book. Violence against women remained pervasive, including domestic violence, rape and other forms of sexual violence by state officials and private individuals. The authorities in Nigeria have not been able to curb these excesses, leading to an entrenched culture of impunity. This paper therefore, examines the state insecurity for women and the role of the agencies providing humanitarian aid in the Niger Delta region.

Keywords: Violence, Rape, Women, Insecurity, Humanitarian aid, Niger Delta Region