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Gender Response in Fine Arts Subject at the Junior Secondary Level; Using the Keller’s ARCS Motivational Model

M E Enenajor


This paper was generated from the findings from my Doctoral project research; titled “Effects of Keller’s Motivational Model on Instructional Outcomes in Fine Art at Junior Secondary School (JSS) Level”. This research unveiled issues of gender differences to the fine art subject at JSS level. In this study three different motivational levels of instructions was developed namely: Motivationally Minimized Instruction (MMI), Motivationally Enhanced Instruction (MEI) and Motivationally Saturated Instruction (MSI). Two methods of Instructions were employed namely: Conventional Lesson Plan (CLP) and the ARCS Lesson Plan, acronym for ARCS is (A) Attention, (R) Relevance, (C) Confidence and (S) Satisfaction. The results show that there was significant difference Ho between the male and female students in the fine arts class in the Junior Secondary School (JSS) in the area of Relevance and also significant difference when taught with Motivationally Saturated Instruction (MSI).Finally the finding show the gender responds to the Keller’s ARCS motivational strategies model.

Keywords: Motivation, Keller’s ARCS, Instruction, Lesson Plan.