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Linguistic Insights: The Role in the Teaching/Learning of English in Nigeria

I Tamunobelema


This paper is an investigation into the role which an adequate knowledge of linguistics can play in the enhancement of teaching/learning of English in Nigeria. The study is necessitated by the undeniable role which English plays in the world, especially in Nigeria, were its instrumental and non-instrumental values have become so compelling in recent times. There is an assumption however, that the English as a second language (ESL) teacher in Nigeria often lacks the ability to utilize the necessary linguistic research findings to boost maximum productivity in the teaching/learning process, which he needs mandatorily for efficiency. In this exposition, the numerous frontiers that can be explored by the ESL teacher, such as the organizational, pedagogical, psychological and sociological dimensions have been highlighted. It is hoped that these skills, when acquired by the ESL teacher, will enhance the teaching/learning of the target language in Nigeria.

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