Changing the concept of womanhood: male feminists and the Nigeria feminist novel

  • Gloria Ada Fwangyil
Keywords: Nigeria feminist novel, patriarchal subjugation


The Nigeria feminist novel has experienced a remarkable growth in recent years. In spite of the negative portrayal of female characters in the works authored by male novelists, female writers have shown a commitment to portraying and revealing the subjugating plight of women in patriarchal societies and the positive contributions that they make to the development of their society in their works. Nonetheless, in recent years, male authors are beginning to showcase their feminist inclinations by creating awareness and sensitising their readers on the need to ensure that the woman is liberated from patriarchal subjugation and oppression. This paper discussed some of the works of some of male novelists such as Abubakar Gimba, Tanure Ojaide and Felix Ogoanah and the conscious effort made towards promoting a positive portrayal of women in male authored texts. The study concluded that these male feminists have shown that the woman can only be emancipated when men join hands with the women to ensure that all forms of discrimination and oppression are eliminated which will in turn engender peace and development in the society.

Keywords: Nigeria feminist novel, patriarchal subjugation


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