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Corpus-driven Bantu Lexicography Part 2: lemmatisation and rulers for Lusoga

Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, Minah Nabirye


This article is the second in a trilogy that deals with corpus-driven Bantu lexicogra-phy, which is illustrated for Lusoga. The focus here is on the macrostructure and in particular on the building of a lemmatised frequency list directly within a dictionary-writing system. The pro-gramming code for the parts of the lemmatisation that may be automated is included as addenda. A second focus is on the embedded part-of-speech and alphabetical rulers, for which it is shown how these may be used to plan the actual compilation of the dictionary entries.

Keywords: Bantu, Lusoga, corpus lexicography, lemmatisation, lemma–tised frequency list, part-of-speech ruler, alphabetical ruler, multidi–mensional lexicographic ruler, dictionary

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