Promoting Ghana’s traditional cultural aesthetics in Ghana’s most beautiful reality television show

  • Albert Dennis
Keywords: culture, pageantry, hegemony, mass media, reality show


In recent times, the mass media in Ghana have come under heavy attack for what is often considered to be their suffocating antisocial content. Cultural nationalists in Ghana have expressed their aversion to the hegemonic representation of Western and other non-Ghanaian cultures, much to the detriment of local ones. However, there are a few mass media programmes that attempt to promote aspects of Ghanaian culture. Using Ghana’s most beautiful (GMB), a reality show produced by a privately-owned Ghanaian television channel, TV3, this paper attempts a critique of the representational motives of the programme vis-à-vis the nexus of foreign content and locally relevant ones. The paper undertakes an analysis of the 2013 edition of the programme and argues that, whilst GMB can be commended for offering a fair playing field for all the contestants in the show, it still exhibits traits of cultural hegemony and consumerism.

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eISSN: 2458-746X
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