Causes of Dropouts at Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial University College, Tanzania

  • Frowin Mlengule Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial University College, Tanzania
Keywords: Liberalisation, Student affairs, Funding


This study was conducted to verify, using the case of Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial University College, the widely held view that financial challenges are significant determinants of student dropouts in private universities in Tanzania. The study was conducted following a case study design. The findings were that with exception of tuition fees, financial constraints are significant causes of students’ failure to complete their study programmes. Other reasons that were found to be substantial causes of drop outs in this University College are related to students’ domestic and private reasons that include going to institutions near the home to take care of or being near their spouses. Administration related bottlenecks and gaps in guidance and counselling were also found to lead to dropout. Policy recommendations and areas for future research are identified.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2707-6113
print ISSN: 1816-6822