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Adaptation of the ADKAR Model to the Management of the Higher Education Student Loan Scheme in Uganda

Hilary Tusiime Mukwenda


The financing of higher education through student loan schemes is a recent phenomenon in Uganda. It constitutes a major change in the financing of higher education in the country and, naturally, it has not been without controversy. Its processes have posed challenges to both its beneficiaries and implementers. For instance, the loan policy’s sustainability is yet to be guaranteed. It is with this understanding that this paper discusses how application of the ADKAR change management model can promote the performance and sustainability of the policy. Designed to help individuals and organisations, the model prescribes a five-step process towards adopting change and leveraging its power to bring about improvement by enhancing ability to confront new situations. In this paper, this process is proposed for ensuring effective disbursement of student loans, determination of interest rates and recovery of the loans from borrowers.

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