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Allelopathic effect of meskit (<i>Prosopis juliflora</i> (Sw.) DC) aqueous extracts on tropical crops tested under laboratory conditions

Getahun Asrat
Ali Seid


Phytoinhibitory effect of Prosopis juliflora aqueous extracts on tropical crops were tested under laboratory conditions. Maize, Cotton, and forage grasses (Rodus and Panicum) were used as test plants. Litter fall and under canopy soils were tested for checking allelopathic effects under natural conditions. All the extracts showed significantly negative effects on both germination and seedling growth of test crops. The effect of leaf extract was the highest, followed by litter fall, root extracts and soils respectively. However, at low concentration litter fall and root extracts showed unbalanced root growth stimulation on Zea mays, but hampered shoot growths. Since radicle growth alone cannot increase recruitment, unbalanced growth is eventually harmful to crops. Thus, we conclude that P. juliflora contains water-soluble allelochemicals capable of inhibiting tropical crops and not good for agroforestry.

Keywords: Agroforestry, Crops, Cotton, Grasses, Prosopis, Phytoinhibition, Ethiopia

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