Traditional media practitioners\' perception of entertainment-education utilization for agricultural information dissessmination in Nigeria

  • B Razak-Olajide Centre for Communication & Reproductive Health Services (CCRHS), Bida, Nigeria
  • Mohammed Kuta Yahaya Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
Keywords: Traditional media, entertainment-education, agricultural information dissemination and perception


This study investigated traditional media practitioners' perception of entertainment–education (EE) utilization for dissemination of agricultural information. One hundred and two respondents were sampled across music and theatre groups in south west Nigeria through multi – stage sampling technique. The result reveals that 89.4% of respondents with different educational qualifications and 80.3% of varied years of professionals experience favourably perceived EE format utilization for agricultural information dissemination. However, traditional media practitioners of different educational qualifications (73.6%), statuses (76.5%) unanimously opined that perceived constraints to EE utilization are very severe. The result further indicates that there is a significant relationship between educational qualification (X2 = 6.21; p < 0.05) of traditional media practitioners and their perception of EE format utilization, whereas there is no significant relationships between professional status (X2 = 0.97; P > 0.05) and medium (X2 = 2.12; P > 0.05) and practitioners' disposition to the format utilization. Music and theatre practitioners also differ in their overall perception of EE format utilization for agricultural information dissemination. Therefore, given the overall favourable disposition of practitioners to EE format utilization, it is recommended that traditional media should be integrated into development interventions using EE strategy for its potency in information dissemination.
Key words: Traditional media; entertainment-education; agricultural information dissemination and perception.
Moor Journal of Agricultural Research Vol.4(2) 2003: 266-273

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eISSN: 1595-4153