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The Interactive Effects of Farm Input Subsidy Program and Agricultural Extension Services on Smallholder Maize Production and Technical Efficiency in Malawi

Lucius Cassim
Laeticia Amiss Pemba


This study assessed the interactive effects of access to agricultural extension services and Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) on maize production,  maize production technical efficiency and maize production uncertainty in Malawi. It employed a stochastic frontier model within the spheres of two-  stage estimation technique applied on the fourth Integrated Household Survey (IHS4). The results indicated that households that have access to both  FISP and extension services experience about 0.773% higher maize yield compared to households that have access to FISP only. Further, the study  found that enhancing extension services within FISP environment improves maize production efficiency and reduces maize production uncertainty in  Malawi.

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print ISSN: 2312-9204