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Determinants of food security among cocoa producing households in Abia state, Nigeria

NM Agwu, JE Agodi, JC Okereke


The study was set out to analyse the determinants of food security among the cocoa producing households in Abia state, Nigeria. The specific objectives are to: determine the food security status of the households and estimate the determinants of food security among the cocoa producing households in the study area. Purposive sampling technique was adopted in the selection of 90 households from Cocoa producing Local Government Areas in the State. The objectives were analyzed with food security index formula and logistic regression model. The results revealed that majority of the respondents are food insecure. This was exemplified by the fact that 61.11 percent of the households are food insecure while food secure households constituted about 38.89 percent. From the logit regression results, age of the farmer, educational attainment of the household head, household size, income level, dependency ratio and farmers‘ membership of a social group were all significant at varying probability levels. On the basis of the findings, the study recommended promulgation of income support policies for cash crop producing households to encourage and sustain production among others.

Keywords: Cocoa, food security, households, index, logit.

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