Evaluating eco-friendly potting media on growth and yield of carrot varieties in Abakaliki, south eastern Nigeria

  • E.B. Utobo
  • L.G. Ekwu
  • G.N. Nwokwu
  • A.C. Nwogbaga
  • K Nwanchor
Keywords: Potting media, carrot, growth, yield and eco-friendly


Screen house and field experiments were conducted in 2012 to evaluate the influence of different potting media on the growth and yield of carrot varieties, using 3 x 7 factorial laid out in a Completely Randomized Design (CRD). Factor A was three (3) different carrot varieties, whereas factor B was seven (7) different potting media. The result revealed that the carrot varieties were significantly different in vegetative and yield parameters measured under both conditions regardless of potting media. Lunga rossa ottusa 2 (V2) performed best, followed by Technisem (V1) and the least was that of Royal Sluis (V3). In terms of potting media, significant effects were also observed in growth and yield of the three carrot varieties evaluated under both screen house and field conditions respectively. Medium 6 (composted rice hull + composted sawdust + cured pig dung + top soil) performed best under both conditions, followed by media 5 (composted rice hull + cured pig dung + top soil), compared to the rest of the media.

Keywords: Potting media, carrot, growth, yield and eco-friendly


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print ISSN: 0300-368X