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Proximate composition and functional properties of improved orange-fleshed sweetpotato breeding lines developed in Umudike, Abia State

N.A. Kanu, S.O. Afuape, V.C. Ezeocha, J.O. Nwafor


Sweetpotato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.] productivity is dependent on the development of improved varieties which have desirable food quality attributes. Proximate and functional properties of twelve newly developed orange-fleshed sweetpotato breeding lines namely: F1M1/16 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/16), F1MI/23 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/23), F1M1/24 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/24), F1M1/25 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/25), F1M1/26 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/26), F1M1/32 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/32), F1M1/33 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/33), F1M1/36 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/36), F1M1/83 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/83), F1M1/86 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/86), F1M1/88 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/88) and F1M1/91 (UMUSPO/3 X TIS8164/91) were investigated. Results obtained showed that the sweetpotato lines were high in dry matter (27.30 to 41.34%) and starch (16.38-27.66%) contents. The crude protein, fiber and ash contents varied significantly (p<0.05) among the genotypes. The sweetpotato flours had high bulk densities ranging from 0.92g/cm3 (in FIM1/26) to 1.27g/cm3 (in FIM1/24) suggesting their suitability as thickeners. The water absorption capacity of the flours from the sweetpotato lines which ranged from 1.57 (in FIMI/36) to 2.01ml/g (in FIM1/88) is an indication of their suitability in the bakery industry. The sweetpotato lines have potentials for both domestic and industrial applications.

Keywords: sweetpotato, breeding lines and functional properties

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