Performance, carcass quality and haematological indices of broiler finisher chickens fed raw Mucuna sloanei meal

  • C.C. Ekwe
  • S.N. Ukachukwu
  • M Mbadiwe
  • I Nwabueze
Keywords: Carcass Quality, Haematology, Broilers and Mucuna


Tolerance level of the raw Mucuna sloanei meal by broilers was determined by replacing soybean meal with raw Mucuna sloanei meal at 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40% using 135 Anak broiler birds in a completely randomized design (CRD) experiment. The birds were fed ad-libitum in all the experiments. Optimum tolerance level of Raw Mucuna sloanei by broiler finisher birds was 40% level of replacement of soyabean meal (or 8.12% RMS inclusion level) based on growth performance and economics of production. Raw Mucuna sloanei significantly (P<0.05) depressed nutrient utilization at all levels of replacement except for ether extract and NFE. Cut-parts values were also depressed (P<0.05) beyond 10% level of replacement. In both the starter and finisher phases, organ weights increased significantly (P<0.05) as level of RMS increased with the exception of the spleen which showed no significant difference. Hemoglobin, PCV, RBC and MCH values were within the normal range for most of the levels, whereas MCHC values were below the normal range at above 10% level of replacement and MCV values were above 20%. The total protein and albumin values were below the normal range whereas serum creatinine was within the normal range for broiler chickens. However, urea values were above the normal range at 20% and above. The values for alkaline phosphatase were above the normal range.

Keywords: Carcass Quality, Haematology, Broilers and Mucuna


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eISSN: 0300-368X