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Effect of abattoir wastes on selected soil properties in Abakaliki and Ezzamgbo southeastern Nigeria

C Njoku, M.O. Alu, O.C. Okafor, J.N. Nwite


This research was conducted in 2015 and 2016 at Abakaliki and Ezzamgbo Southeasern Nigeria to evaluate the effect of abattoir wastes on soil properties in Abakaliki Southeastern Nigeria. Four replicate auger and core soil samples were collected as follwos: 1m-donkey = 1 m away from donkey abattoir waste dumpsite at Ezzamgbo; 10m-donkey = 10 m away from donkey abattoir waste dumpsite at Ezzamgbo; 1m-cow = 1 m away from cow abattoir waste dumpsite at Abakaliki and 10m-cow = 10 m away from donkey abattoir waste dumpsite at Abakaliki while non-dumpsite at Mile – 4, Ishieke was used as Control. The data obtained was analysed using analysis of variance based on CRD and difference between treatments means were dictated using F-LSD. The result obtained showed significant higher improvement in soil bulk density, total porosity, mean weight diameter, aggregate stability, pH, available P, total N, organic C, exchangeable bases & acidity, effective cation exchange capacity and base saturation in soil near abattoir sites than control. Generally, the order of improvement in soil properties studied was 1m-donkey > 1m-cow > 10m-donkey > 10m-cow. Also, the improvement of soil properties was higher in the second year of the study when compared to the first year of the study. From, the results we can understand that the improvement in soil properties is directly depended on the type of animal slaughter in an abattoir, that is why at distance of 1 m away from abattoir and 10 m away from abattoir, donkey abattoir showed higher improvement in soil properties when compared to cow abattoir.Therefore, the study recommended the use of abattoir wastes as soil amendment to increase soil productivity and as means of waste disposal and nutrient recycle.

Keywords: Abattoir, Butcher, Improvement, Sanitation and Wastes

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