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Labour Input Productivity among Cassava Farmers in Osun State, Nigeria

O. A. Egbetokun
S. Ajijola
I. R. Babalola


This study was carried out to estimate labour input and productivity among cassava farmers in the Irewole Local Government Area of Osun State. A Multistage sampling technique was employed in the selection of the respondents and a well-structured questionnaire was used to gather information on labour input and productivity. A total of 80 questionnaires were administered but only 75 could be retrieved and subjected to analysis. The analytical techniques include descriptive and probit regression analyses. The results show that the average age is about 51 years. Probit analysis showed that factors influencing farmers' level of labour input productivity were age, marital status, household size, years of formal education, farm income and farmers' group/association which are significant at p<0.05. It is therefore recommended that government should intensify efforts to assist the cassava farmers by introducing low-interest loan programme in order for the cassava farmers to access credit to improve labour productivity in cassava production. Also, there should be a policy formulation on the creation and regulation of commodity-based cooperatives across the nation.