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Growth Performance and Immunity Analysis of Clarias gariepinus Juveniles Fed with Moringa leaf, Ginger and Garlic Powder

E. A. Ukenye
I. Megbowon
O. R. Oguntade
C. I. Ayo-Olalusi
T. Mojekwu
B. Edah
B. A. Sokenu
J. B. Joseph
Y. B. Adeyemi
H. Jubrin
I. Chidume
N. C. Eze
R. O. Adeleke
C. Igwe


Natural plants (moringa, ginger and garlic) that have been used as feed supplements in place of antibiotics in aquaculture feeds have shown improved performances. In this study, growth performance, nutrient utilization and immunity of Clarias gariepinus juveniles fed with moringa leaf, ginger and garlic powder, their combination and one control (without additive) were observed. Fish samples were equally divided into fifteen transparent tanks of five different experimental groups in three replicates consisting of four diets fed (moringa leaf powder, ginger powder, garlic powder and their combination at 2% inclusion each) and one control(without additive). The feeding trial was done for 8 weeks during which the fish were fed twice daily to satiation. The results revealed that out of the four groups of phytoadditives diet-fed fish, the group fed with garlic supplement diet had the highest and best performance with weight gain (WG) of 381.6 ± 71b and the total weight of fish (TWF) 1010.71; nutrient utilization with feed conversion ratio (FCR) 2.7 ± 0.39a, specific growth rate (SGR) 0.849 ± 1.72b and relative growth rate (RGR) 2.932 ± 0.23c. The group fed with ginger supplement diet has higher performance with WG of 345.4 ± 134b and TWF 1019.88; nutrient utilization with FCR 3 ± 0.84a, SGR 0.798 ± 0.25b and RGR 2.617 ± 1.95b, whereas the moringa fed group has a good performance with WG of 88.61 ± 21.3a and TWF 635.67; nutrient utilization with FCR 7.2 ± 1.54b, SGR  0.315 ± 0.62a and RGR 2.742 ± 1.52b while the group with combined diets has the least performance with weight gain (WG) of 32.8g ± 26.8a and the total weight of fish (TWF) 552.93g; nutrient utilization with feed conversion ratio (FCR) 8.2 ± 0.63b , specific growth rate (SGR) 0.133 ± 0.41and relative growth rate (RGR) 0.239 ± 1.03a. The agarose gel picture which shows the presence of the TNF gene in all the groups indicated that the immunity gene is expressed in them all. Thus the garlic supplement diet is recommended for better growth, immunity and disease resistance in Clarias gariepinus.