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Performance of Maize Varieties as affected by Time of Topdressing Nitrogen Fertilizer Doses under Irrigation Scheduling

M. K. Ndagana
F. O. Takim
A. Saidu
P. Omonomo


Two field trials were conducted during the 2021 dry season, under irrigation schemes at the National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Service zonal irrigation research farm at Badeggi (NAERLS/ABU) and Mokwa farm located 75km from Badeggi along Ilorin. All the experimental trial farms are in the Southern Guinea Savanna zone of Nigeria. The experiment was designed to assess the effect of varieties and time for a second dose of nitrogen fertilizer at a different time of application on the growth and yield of Maize. The treatment consisted of three varieties of Maize (SAMMAZ 50, SAMMAZ 51, and SAMMAZ 61) and six topdressings at 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 weeks after sowing (WAS) under irrigation scheduling. Data were collected on total dry matter (TDM), plant height, Leaf Area Index, and grain yield. The results showed that SAMMAZ 51 is superior in terms of growth and yield over the other varieties while SAMMAZ 50 was statistically at par with SAMMAZ 61 in terms of grain yield only. However, the second nitrogen fertilizer (N) application at 6 resulted in better growth and higher yields. Therefore SAMMAZ 51 and top dressing at 6 WAS are recommended for better and higher yield in Nigeria Southern Guinea Savana ecological zone.