Incidence of Pest and Diseases of Acha at Badeggi in the Southern Guinea Savanna Zone of Nigeria

  • AB Umaru
  • IN Kolo
  • EO Bright
  • ME Labo-Popoola


Studies were carried out on nine accessions of Acha (Digitaria exilis Stapf and Digitaria Iburua Stapf to evaluate them for their susceptibility to insect pests, fungi, weeds, birds and rodents. These accessions were Nibang, Tsala, Nkpos, Arrasbang, Nipiya I, Nipiya II, Ebut, Chenesera and Gongrradong. Stemborers were the main insect pest found associated with the crop. Four of the accessions were highly susceptible and had a significantly low yield. Other insects pests observed were the beetles and the leaf hoppers. Various species of fungi, weeds, birds, and rodents `were found associated with the crop. However, yield losses due to the pest were not quantifiable but could have the potentials of assuming the status of major pests.

Keywords: Incidence, Pests, Diseases and Acha,


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eISSN: 0300-368X