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Shelf Life Extension of Toasted Groundnuts through the Application of Cassava Starch and Soy Protein-Based Edible Coating

C.E. Chinma
C.C. Ariahu
J.O. Abu


The use of cassava starch and soy protein concentrate edible coatings containing 20% glycerol in extending the shelf life of toasted groundnut during ambient (27 ± 1oC) storage for 14 days was studied. Chemical indices of oxidative rancidity and sensory parameters were evaluated using standard procedures. Moisture uptake, peroxide and thiobarbituric acid values of uncoated groundnuts were higher than 100% cassava starch coated groundnuts while toasted groundnuts coated with 50:50 (cassava starch:soy protein concentrate) had the lowest values. Toasted groundnuts coated with 50:50 (Cassava starch:soy protein concentrate) film had higher colour, taste, texture and overall acceptability scores than toasted groundnuts coated with 100% cassava starch film and control. The use of 50:50 (cassava starch:soy protein concentrate) edible coatings on toasted groundnut extended the shelf life of toasted groundnuts for 14 days compared to uncoated toasted groundnuts which developed objectionable taste after second day of storage at ambient (27 ± 1oC) condition.

Keywords: Cassava starch, soy protein concentrate, edible film, toasted groundnuts, shelf life extension.