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Evaluation of some properties of wheat-brewers’ spent cassava flour blends

A.T. Omidiran, L.O. Sanni, O.P. Sobukola, S.A. Sanni, A.A. Adebowale, A.O. Obadina, O.E. Kajihausa, M.O. Adegunwa, K. Tomlins, T. Wolfgang


Brewers’ spent cassava mash, a by-product from brewing process using cassava as the main substrate for beer production. This study investigated the proximate, functional and nutritional properties of wheat-brewers’ spent cassava flour blends. The mash was dried at 70oC for 16 h and milled into flour. Blends from wheat flour (WF) and brewers’ spent cassava flour (BSCF) were prepared at ratios of 80:20 (WF: BSCF), 70:30 (WF: BSCF), 60:40 (WF: BSCF), 100% BSCF and 100 % WF. The proximate, functional properties, some minerals and vitamin composition of the blends were determined and data obtained were subjected to one way analysis of variance. There were significant (p < 0.05) differences in the properties of the blends. Appreciable quantities of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and thiamine were observed in BSCF. This study established the proximate, functional and pasting properties of wheat-brewers’ spent cassava flour blends and that it has a lot of potential in the food industry especially its use as thickener and binding agent in the food systems.

Keywords: Brewers’ spent cassava flour, wheat flour, proximate, functional properties.

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