Processing characteristics, grain quality and end-use quality of hybrids and common improved rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties from Nigeria

  • N Danbaba
  • A.T. Maji
  • I Nkama
  • M.E. Abo
  • H Hauwawu
  • K.I. Fati
  • B.O. Abiwon
Keywords: Rice, hybrids, milling quality, cooking quality, pasting


Grain quality characteristics of hybrids and some common improved rice (CIR) varieties were evaluated using standard evaluation techniques as a strategy for recommendation for release and use in various rice-based products. Paddy length varied between 8.22 to 10.53 mm in the hybrid and 9.28 to 9.70 mm in the CIR while paddy shape ranged from 3.56 to 4.94 and 3.95 – 4.49 in hybrids and CIR varieties respectively. Hybrids were lighter and less yellow than the improved inbred samples. Total milling recovery (TMR) was lower in hybrid than CIR and there was significantly (p < 0.05) outstanding performance in terms of milling recovery of FARO 52 and FARO 60 over the hybrids. There was no significant difference (p < 0.05) between the hybrid and CIR in terms of grain elongation ratio, but there was marginal difference in terms of elongation index. Water uptake ratio significantly (p < 0.05) varied between 5.54 and 6.83 in CIR and 5.37 to 6.96 among the hybrids. Hybrids indicated lower cooking time than CIR. Correlation study of the relationship between physical and milling qualities indicated significantly (p < 0.05) high negative correlation (r2 = –0.93) between TMR and percentage hull, while head rice recovery (HRR) compared with broken rice percentage indicated negative significant (p < 0.05) correlation (r2 = –0.96). Lowest paste viscosity (431.17 cP) was observed in NG05 and highest (480.42 cP) in NG03, while 382.04 cP and 511.63 cP was the least and highest values in CIR lines respectively. This result will facilitate the adoption of hybrid rice in Nigeria and improvement of its marketability and application in different food formulations.

Keywords: Rice, hybrids, milling quality, cooking quality, pasting


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eISSN: 0189-7241