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Effects of Fermentation, Boiling and Roasting on Some Micronutrients and Antinutrient Composition of Jackfruit Seed Flour

RN Attaugwu, JI Anyadioha, ES Ukpong, M Achugonye


The effects of processing methods such as fermentation, boiling and roasting on some micronutrients and antinutrient composition of jackfruit seed flour were evaluated. The mineral, vitamin and antinutrient composition of raw and processed jackfruit seed flours were determined using standard methods. Iron, calcium and zinc contents of treated jackfruit seed flour ranged from 16.10 to 21.28 mg/kg, 247.11 to 252.89 mg/kg and 57.11 to 62.88 mg/kg respectively, and were significantly lower than in the raw jackfruit seed flour (23.45 mg/kg, 409.33 mg/kg, and 70.44 mg/kg for iron, calcium and zinc respectively). Roasting significantly (p < 0.05) increased the potassium content (from 10.26 to 11.80 mg/kg) and sodium (0.69 to 0.72 mg/kg. Fermentation, boiling and roasting led to 71.73, 15.11, 65.67%; 6.55, 18.99, 0.35%; 42.97, 43.22, 21.65%; 29.04, 20, 23.71%; 89.37, 55.79, 53.68% reduction in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and E contents respectively of the flour. Similarly, fermentation, roasting and boiling led to 94.13, 93.42 and 93.00%; 65, 43.85, 28.58%; 44.10, 59.18, 57.66%; 17.92, 80.59 71.06 %; 50.42, 25.16, 27.88 % reduction in oxalate, phytate, tannin, trypsin inhibitor and haemagglutinin respectively.

Keywords: Jackfruit seed, micronutrients, antinutrients.

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