Functional and Sensory Properties of Tuwan Aduwa: A Traditional Meal Made from Foxtail Millet and Desert Date Extract

  • A Issoufou
  • EG Mahamadou
  • A Tidjani
  • OH Moutaleb
  • L Guo-Wei
Keywords: Foxtail millet flour, functional properties, desert date, Tuwan aduwa, sensory properties


Tuwan aduwa was prepared from foxtail millet flours (FMF) and desert date aqueous extract (DDE). FMF were first tested for some functional properties. Tuwan aduwa samples were evaluated for bitterness, colour, softness, flavour and overall acceptability using a 5 point Hedonic scale. Variations in swelling and water holding capacity (WHC) of FMF were lower than the moist heat treated flour samples (FMFH) contrary to oil absorption capacity (OAC); and flour yellowish reduced significantly after heat treatment. Hardness test showed that Tuwan aduwa (M222) prepared with 1:1:1 (v/v/w) water/DDE/FMF was consistently softer than the M333 prepared with ratio 2:1 (DDE/FMF, v/w) and the control C111 made with FMF and water alone. Sensory evaluation revealed that C111 scored the highest in overall liking as indicated by hedonic ratings. These results suggested that use of DDE have significantly (p<0.05) affected the texture, taste and colour of the Tuwan aduwa.

Keywords: Foxtail millet flour; functional properties; desert date; Tuwan aduwa; sensory properties.


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eISSN: 0189-7241