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Studies on the Whipping Characteristics and Yield of Dehydrated Hen’s Egg

TM Ikegwu, TV Balogu, DO Balogu, SI Kolo, FC Okoyeuzu


The objective of this research was to evaluate the yield and whipping characteristics of dehydrated egg so as to establish the optimum conditions for commercial applications of powdered egg. Eggs were cracked, separated into their components by gravity. Each of the egg components (egg yolk, albumin, whole liquid egg) were subjected to agitation in a master chef blender using 2.5 min. interval at 1000 rev/min. for 10 min. The volume formed by the whole liquid egg, egg yolk, and albumins were recorded and three consecutive readings were taken. Results showed that whole liquid eggs attained optimal foam formation after 5 min. whipping while the albumin had optimal whipping duration at 2.5 min. However, albumin produced the highest foam at 2.5 min. whipping duration. At higher agitation beyond 2.5 min., the density was reduced. The yolk on the other hand was found to possess no foam since the observed increase in volume may have been contributed by the albumin during gravitational separation. It was also found that whole liquid eggs could be dried at 50oC for 3h with about 20% the solid recovered after drying. Therefore, the reconstitution ratio of the dried egg powder to water was estimated to be approximately 1:5.

Keywords: Whipping duration, albumin, protein, density, dehydration

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