Quality characteristics of biscuits made from wheat and African breadfruit (Treculia africana)

  • H.O Agu
  • J.A Ayo
  • A.M Paul
  • F Folorunsho
Keywords: Quality, wheat, African bread fruits, biscuits.


Composite biscuit was made from breadfruit/wheat flour. Dehulled breadfruit was sorted, washed, sun dried, milled and sieved to get flour. The breadfruit/wheat flour was mixed in the ratio 0:100%, 10:90%, 20:80%, 30:70%, 40:60%, 50:50% and 60:40% respectively and used to produce
biscuits. Proximate analysis, sensory and quality evaluations were carried out on the biscuits. The proximate composition of the biscuits ranged in values with moisture from 7.18 to 8.39%, protein 8.39 to 15.53%, fat 9.02% to
19.78%, ash 0.99 to 1.3% and carbohydrate 56.38 to 73.21%. significant differences (p < 0.05) existed in odour, taste, texture, aroma, colour and general acceptability of the biscuits. Spread ratio of the different formulations ranged from 4.54 to 6.14 while the break strength ranged from 139.0 to 299.79kg.

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eISSN: 0189-7241