Functional properties of unmodified and modified Jack bean (Canavalia ensiformis) starches

  • A.A Yusuf
  • H Ayedun
  • GB Logunleko
Keywords: Functional properties, jack bean, starch, acetylation, oxidation


The native Jack bean (Canavalia eniformis) starch was chemically modified through oxidation and acetylation. Proximate composition analysis revealed higher moisture, protein, fat and ash contents ‘native unmodified than modified starches and higher yield in modified starches. Swelling capacity and solubility of all the starches increased with increasing temperature and pH (up to their optimum point); Oil absorption capacity of modified starches are found to be higher than unmodified starches, but reversed is the case for water absorption capacity. Gel forming capacity indicates the highest LGC for oxidized and lowest LGC for unmodified starches. Acetylated starch was found to have highest alkaline water retention capacity than others starches studied.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0189-7241