Comparison of different methods of producing bambara (Voandzeia subterranean L. Thou) flours for preparation of ‘moin-moin’

  • A Olapade
  • D.O Adetuyi
Keywords: Bambara nut, moin-moin, blanching, roasting, dehulling


Bambara nut was subjected to different treatments prior to mechanical dry dehulling and milling into flours. Physicochemical properties of the flours and sensory attributes of moin-moin prepared from the flours were compared with that of moin-moin from fresh pastes from cowpea and Bambara. The functional properties investigated included foam-ability, foam-stability, gelation capacity, dispersibility and dehull-ability while proximate chemical composition of the flours was also investigated. Both cold and hot water steeping of Bambara prior to dehulling produced moin-moin that compared favourably with moin-moin from fresh pastes (controls). Fresh paste of Bambara produced through manual dehulling resulted in moin-moin that compared similarly to conventional moin-moin from fresh cowpea. The proximate chemical compositions were not significantly affected by the treatments but functional properties were significantly affected.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0189-7241