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Production and Evaluation of Jam from Roselle Calyx Extract

JI Mordi, GN Elema, AU Ozumba, OB Oluwole, OM Maiyaki, J Onyibe, LI Onuh


The aqueous extract of Roselle calyx was processed into jam by washing the calyx, extraction by boiling in hot water, filtration, formulation using the filtrate, boiling, filling into glass bottles and pasteurization. The  physicochemical properties and nutritional composition of the jam were analyzed. The resulting jam had pH 2.90, 69% Brix of sugar, and total solids 64.70%. Sensory evaluation tests showed that the product was acceptable. Microbiological examination showed that the roselle jam had a total plate count of 4.0 x 101 cfu/g and yeast and mould count of 2.1x101cfu/g while the coliforms and E-coli values were nil.

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