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Physicochemical Properties and Phytochemical Components of Spiced Cucumber-Pineapple Fruit Drink

JM Babajide
AA Olaluwoye
TA Taofik Shittu
MA Adebisi


A blend of equal portions of cucumber (50%) and pineapple (50%) juices was mixed with clove and ginger powder spices at 0.25% (CPCLG1), 0.5 (CPCLG2), 0.75% (CPCLG3) and 1% (CPCLG4) (w/v) respectively to develop a new fruit drink with health benefits. The juice blend without spice extract (CP) was used as reference sample. Samples were analysed for oBrix, pH, acidity, specific gravity, total solids and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The phytochemicals present in the products were also determined using chemical method and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). There was significant reduction in the oBrix from 8.08 to 7.60%, pH (4.41 to 4.36) and total solid (7.96 to 7.71%). Specific gravity was 1.020 while the acidity increased from 0.20 to 0.22% as the levels of spices increased. The phytochemical compounds identified in the products include alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, steroids, tannins, terpenoids and phlobatannins. The quantitative phytochemical contents showed 0.1 ìg/ml Isoquinoline in CP, 0.03271 ìg/ml Isoquinoline in CPCLG1; 0.00199 ìg/ml Octanoid acid, 0.00224 ìg/ml Metroprolol, 0.00231 ìg/ml Fumaric acid, 0.00263 ìg/ml Benzoquinone, 0.00264 ìg/ml Betaxolol, and 0.002471 ìg/ml 1-nonene in CPCLG2; 0.00070 ìg/ml Limonene and 0.00146 ìg/ml Caryophyllene in CPCLG3 and 0.00048 ìg/ml P-Benzoquinone, 0.00074 ìg/
ml 4H-Quinolizine, 0.00017 ìg/ml 3-pyridinepropanol, 0.00559 ìg/ml Chlorogenic acid, 0.00559 ìg/ml Camphene and 0.00089 ìg/ml Benzofuranone in CPCLG4. The types and quantities of phytochemicals present in the products were influenced by the formulation of the products.

Keywords: Fruit juice blend, clove, ginger, physicochemical, phytochemicals.

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