Preliminary Studies of the Chemical Composition and Sensory Properties of Sweet Potato Starch-Wheat Flour Blend Noodles

  • WO Ibitoye
  • MO Afolabi
  • BO Otegbayo
  • AC Akintola
Keywords: Wheat flour, sweet potato starch, noodles.


Preliminary studies of chemical composition and sensory properties of instant noodles from blends of wheat flour and sweet potato starch were carried out. Sweet potato starch was used to replace wheat flour at 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70%. Proximate, vitamin A, mineral analysis and sensory evaluation were carried out by standard methods. Results showed that the formulated noodles had higher carbohydrate ( 63.34 – 70.53%), moisture (4.34 – 4.97%) and vitamin A (11.62 – 35.00 mg/100 g) but lower protein (3.36 – 7.89%), fat (16.91 – 25.09%), calcium (0.73 – 0.89%),  phosphorus (0.24 – 0.32%), iron (0.10 – 0.27%) and ash content (1.17 – 3.17%) than the commercial noodles from wheat flour. The noodles containing 30% sweet potato starch showed no significant difference (p > 0.05) from commercial noodles (100% wheat flour) in terms of colour, crunchiness, taste and general acceptability, with improved nutrient
composition. It is concluded that production and consumption of wheat flour/potato starch blend noodles should be encouraged to increase the calorie and vitamin A intake in the diet, especially for children who are the major consumers of noodles; apart from helping to promote and improve the utilization of sweet potato tubers.

Keywords: Wheat flour, sweet potato starch, noodles.


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eISSN: 0189-7241