Effect of Natural Fermentation on the Chemical and Nutritional Composition of Fermented Soymilk Nono

  • AO Obadina
  • OJ Akinola
  • TA Shittu
  • HA Bakare
Keywords: Fermentation, nono, soymilk, soybean.


Changes in the chemical and nutritional composition of naturally fermented soy nono were studied at ambient temperature (27 ± 2oC) for 72 h. The differently fermented soy nono samples were collected at 6 h intervals and analysed for chemical, proximate and mineral composition using standard laboratory procedures. Biochemical changes in the fermenting soy nono showed a drop in pH from 6.90 to 4.09 while titratable acidity (lactic acid equivalent) increased from 0.42 to 1.82% after 72 h of natural fermentation. The moisture, carbohydrate and fat contents decreased from 93.45 to 92.70, 1.52 to 0.60 and 2.18 to 0.87 % respectively while total solids, ash and protein contents increased from
6.55 to 7.30, 0.23 to 0.74 and 2.62 to 5.09 % respectively. Results reveal that the calcium, iron and magnesium contents in fermenting soymilk increased from 52.86 to 71.43, 28.00 to 40.00 and 7.66 to 8.87 mg/l respectively within time intervals of 0 to 54 h and then decreased to 65.00, 28.00 and 7.83 mg/l respectively till the end of fermentation period
while the zinc content increased from 4.42 to 6.75 mg/l throughout the fermentation period. It was evident that there was increase in protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron contents during natural fermentation of soymilk.

Keywords: Fermentation, nono, soymilk, soybean.


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eISSN: 0189-7241