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Mathematical Modelling of Thin Layer Dried Cashew Kernels

WB Asiru, AO Raji, JC Igbeka, GN Elemo


In this paper mathematical models describing thin layer drying of cashew kernels in a batch dryer were presented. The range of drying air  temperature was 70 – 110°C. The initial moisture content of the cashew kernels was 9.29% (d.b.) and the final moisture content was in the range of 3.5 to 4.6% dry-basis. Seven different thin layer mathematical drying models were compared according to their coefficients of determination (R2) mean square error (MSE) and mean relative deviation modulus (P) to estimate drying curves. The effects of the drying air temperature and time on the drying model constants and coefficients were predicted by multiple regression analysis using linear and non-linear type models. The results have shown that among the models, the Page model was found to be the best for describing
the drying behaviour of cashew kernels with R2, MSE and P values of 0.9830, 0.00311 and 5.046 respectively.

Keywords: Modelling, cashew kernel, thin layer, drying, moisture loss.
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