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Prevalence and economic loss of bovine tuberculosis in a municipal abattoir, Abeokuta Southwestern Nigeria

BB Oluwasile
OJ Awoyomi
OO Kehinde


A 12 month cross-sectional study was carried out at Lafenwa Abattoir Abeokuta, Southwestern Nigeria from July, 2011 to June, 2012. This was to determine the prevalence and economic loss of bovine tuberculosis in this abattoir. A total of 928 cases of bovine tuberculosis out of 52,273 cattle slaughtered during this period were condemned, representing a total prevalence of 1.78% (95% CI: 1.31- 2.14%). Typical tuberculous lesions were found in the Lung, Liver and Spleen, higher rate of organ condemnation was observed in the lung followed by liver and spleen. There was statistically significant difference in rate of organ condemnation (P<0.05). The monthly prevalence and sequence plot revealed an epidemic tendency for bovine tuberculosis during this period and there was statistically significant difference between prevalence of bovine tuberculosis and seasonal occurrence. An estimated total loss of N1.2 million (US$7,367) due to bovine tuberculosis was observed in this abattoir for the year. It was concluded that bovine tuberculosis is prevalent with epidemic tendency in cattle destined for human consumption, also with attending serious public health implications and huge loss to both the butchers and national economy.

Keywords: Bovine tuberculosis, Prevalence, Economic loss, Lafenwa abattoir