Semen Characteristics of First and Second Ejaculates of Buffalo Bulls With and Without Sexual Stimulation

  • AM Yassen
  • MA Ibraheim


Four treatments, no sexual preparation (control), 10 min restraint, three false mounts and 10 min restraint followed by three false mounts, were replicated with eight sexually mature buffalo bulls, before the first and second ejaculates to study their effects on the seminal characteristics of buffalo bulls.

Seminal characteristics of both first and second ejaculates were improved significantly by sexual stimulation. Animals allowed no sexual stimulation yielded inferior first ejaculates than second ejaculates in all seminal characteristics. First ejaculates, in this case, served as stimulus to second ejaculates and contributed to its superiority.

Moderate sexual stimulation (R or FM) before ejaculation improved the first ejaculates and reduced the difference between them and second ejaculates in all seminal characteristics. However, high degrees of sexual stimulation (R or FM) caused the superiority of the first ejaculates to the second ejaculates in seminal characteristics.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0331-2062