Observations on growth, body dimensions and carcass traits of Nigeria Idigenous pigs

  • EB Sonaiya


Observations were made on 79 Nigerian Indigenous (NI) and 24 Large White pigs. There was a three month delay in growth acceleration in NI pigs as compared with LW pigs. Growth acceleration started at 7 and 4 months for NL and LW respectively. Over all ages studied, NI differed markedly from LW in live weight, body length, height , depth and ham dimensions but this difference was much less between males than between females. In NI boars serially slaughtered, live and carcass weights doubled between 7 and 10 mouths of age while dressing percent and carcass length reached peak values at 10 months. Carcass backfat measurements were higher and more consistent at the shoulder than at the loin or rump. Combined longitudinal and dissection studies are needed to elucidate the groy.rth curve, the true genetic potential for growth and the body fat deposition pattern in the NI pigs.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0331-2062