Comparisons Of Some Reproductive Parameters In Red Sokoto And Kano Brown Breeds Of Bucks

  • IS Butswat
  • DT Zaharaddeen
Keywords: Reproductive parameters, Red Sokoto Bucks, Kano Brown Bucks


Some reproductive parameters of one-year-old 20 of each Red Sokoto and Kano Brown bucks were investigated. For the Red Sokoto and Kano Brown breeds of bucks, the mean (±S.E.) body weight, body condition score, scrotal circumference, testes weight, testes volume, epididymal length, epididymal volume, epididymal weigh~ testes sperm and epididymal sperm were 13M± 0.54 vs 11.69+ 0.35kg, 2.15±0.08 vs 2.10± 0.07, 19.83± 0.36 vs 18.27±. 0.49cm, 36.41± .1.89 vs 29.70± 1.98g, 35.63± 1.87 vs 29.48± 1.9ml, 10.67± 0.20 vs 9.66± 0.25cm, 6.16± 0.23 vs 5.44± 0.31m.J 6.46± 0.24 vs 553± 0.34g, 0.24± 0.02 vs 0.16± 0.01 x 109 a(ld 2.47± 0.16 vs 1.59± 0.16 x 109 respectively, and were significantly different between the breeds. The percentage epididymal segments mass and sperm were also depicted. There were highly significant correlations between many of the reproductive parameters in both breeds. The Red Sokoto bucks seem more adapted than the Kano Brown in terms of their reproductive make-up.

Keywords: Reproductive parameters, Red Sokoto Bucks, Kano Brown Bucks


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eISSN: 0331-2062