Preliminary studies on simulation models for determining protein requirements of weanling and growing pigs in temperate and tropical environments.

  • EA Iyayi
  • J Steinbach
Keywords: Simulation models, protein requirements, pigs, environments.


Data on ·protein requirements of two weight categories of pigs, 4 - 9kg and 4 - 28kg, reared under temperate and tropical environments were obtained. These data were used to predict the protein requirement of pigs at different ambient temperatures. Models Y1 = 156.21 + 0.20(A) + 0.79(1) and Y2 = 190.25 - 1.115(1) + 0.202(t) were derived respectively for animals weighing from 4.9kg and from 4 - 28kg. When these models were simulated using the SIMPTEST 1 simulation program, animals in the tropics weighing from 4 - 9kg were predicted to require 15.50g kg-1 or 11.11% of protein more than their temperate counterparts. Those weighing from 4-28kg in the tropics were predicted to require 4.04g kg-1 or about 2.0% more of protein than their corresponding counterparts reared under temperate climatic conditions.

Keywords: Simulation models, protein requirements, pigs, environments.


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eISSN: 0331-2062