A preliminary trial on the use of barium chloride for pregnancy diagnosis in pigs

  • A Ndu
  • L Bratteand
  • O Chiboka
Keywords: Pregnancy diagnosis, barium chloride, urine, parity


The reaction of urine collected from 40 non-pregnant and 40 pregnant Yorkshire X Landrace crossbred gilts/sows to 1% barium chloride solution was highly (P<0.01) dependent on the pregnancy status of the pigs, the test being 100% and 81% effective in identifying non-pregnant and pregnant pigs respectively.

The sensitivity of the test in the gravid pigs was significantly (P<0.05) influenced by, and tended to increase with, the stage of gestation with 59% of pigs in their first trimester of gestation being correctly diagnosed as pregnant, and 95 – 100% of pigs in their later stages of gestation being so correctly diagnosed.

Parity and time of day of performance of the test had no effect on urine reaction.

It was concluded that the test was a least 95% accurate when used as from about 39 days after breeding for pregnancy diagnosis in pigs.

Keywords: Pregnancy diagnosis, barium chloride, urine, parity.


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eISSN: 0331-2062