The reproductive performance of N'dama and Muturu cattle in Nigeria.1. Oestrous cycle length, duration of oestrus and oestrous behaviour patterns.

  • AG Ezekwe
  • EO Okwun
Keywords: N'dama, Muturu, oestrous Cycle, Oestrus, Oestrous behaviour.


Twelve primiparous cycling N'dama and Muturu cows comprising 8 Ndama and 4 Muturu Cows were subjected to three hour continous observations twice daily at 0630 - 0930hrs and 1500 - 1800 hrs for a period of 9 months during which oestrous behaviour and oestrous cycle characteristics of the cows were monitored. Results indicated that oestrous cycle length in the two breeds averaged 20.09±0.56 days and 20.56±0.87 days for N'dama and Muturu cows, respectively. Durations of standing oestrus were 12.55 ± 2.93hr in the N'dama and 11.31±4.29hr in the Muturu. There were no significant breed effects (P > 0.05) on these parameters. Mounting activities in the herd were significantly higher (P < 0.05) in the morning hours than in the evening hours. The practical implications of these results in relation to controlled animal breeding were discussed.

Keywords: N'dama, Muturu, oestrous Cycle, Oestrus, Oestrous behaviour.


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eISSN: 0331-2062