The feeding value of mango seed kernal meal in broiler diets

  • GF Faniyi
Keywords: broiler, mango seed kernel meal, energy.


Maize was replaced with Mango seed kernel meal MSKM at 50% , 75%, and 100% levels (w/w) in broiler starter and finisher diets in an eight week feeding trial. 120 day - old broiler chicks were used for the experiment. 30 chicks were randomly assigned to each of the four treatments in a completely randomised design. There were differences (P < 0.05) in the average feed intake, average body weight gain and feed conversion efficiency during both phases. Mortality was generally low. However, as MSKM content of the diets increased, performance of the broilers decreased at both phases. At the end of the starter phase, feed intake (g/bird) was 1363, 1239, 1275, 1075 for the diets that contained 0%, 50%. 75 and 100% MSKM respectively. At the finisher phase, consumption was higher in the maize - based diets (0%) and least in 100% MSKM - based diet. Body weight gain (g/bird) was 568, 422, 390 and 240 at the end of starter phase, 1263, 806, 510 and 310 at finishing in that order for the diets that contained MSKM at 0%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Feed cost kg-1 and feed cost kg-1 live weight gain increased as MSKM in diets increased from 0% to 100% MSKM could be used as an energy source in broiler diets but it needs further processing to fully realise this potential.

Key words: broiler, mango seed kernel meal, energy.


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eISSN: 0331-2062