Assessment of some qualities of commercial livestock feeds

  • YO Ogunwolere
  • CFI Onwuka
Keywords: Quality control, adulteration, feed, nutrients.


The nutrient qualities or different classes of commercial livestock feeds were monitored over a period of 20 weeks for changes in their chemical composition as well as differences between actual chemical contents and tagged specifications. Feed samples were collected from farms and feed depots around Abeokuta in Ogun Sate. Results obtained revealed wide ranges of values (P < 0.05) within feeds of the same class, depending on the miller(s). Creep feed pellet had CP values (21.98±0.21%) which were 0.01 % less than the recommended nutrient requirement for creep pigs. There was low CP in some layers diet (13%) P < 0.05). All feeds types analysed had consistently and significantly higher crude fibre values than recommended for the relevant animals while energy and CP were noticeably low. The study further showed that finished feeds and feed ingredients were adulterated with saw dust, sand, urea, rice bran, etc. The needs for feed quality standardiiation and monitoring as well as the usage of agro-industrial by-products in appropriate proportions were examined and recommeadations made.

Key words: Quality control, adulteration, feed, nutrients.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0331-2062