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Effects of Albizia saman pods supplementation on feed intake and live weight changes of White Fulani calves

BA Adebiyi, JA Adeneye


Nine weaned White Fulani Calves aged between 3 - 13 months, weighing between 28 - 71kg were fed on rations consisting of basal Guinea grass hay and 0, 15, 30% Albizia saman replacement for cassava waste in a concentrate ration as supplement in a 3 x 3 latin square design. With 3 replicate per ration and each period lasting 28days feed intake and live weight changes of White Fulani Calves were determined. The DM intake increased with increased level of Albizia saman in the ration, the highest liveweight changes was recorded when the animals were fed 30% Albizia saman whole pod. The result showed that Albizia saman whole pod promotes intake and live weight changes of White Fulani calves, thus can be fed without any adverse effect on calves.

Keywords: Albizia saman Supple-mentation, feed intake, live weight changes, White Fulani, Calves.

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