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Evaluation of the reproductive problems of Friesians, Bunaji and crossed cows in a subtropical environment

ISR Butswat, DJU Kalla, ST Mbap, JU Molokwu, RB Chuo


Herd health fertility records of 248 cows comprising 103 Friesians, 84 Bunaji and 61 Crossbreeds in Vom from 1992-1999 were utilized to study the incidence of reproductive problems. The overall incidence of various reproductive problems was 54.4% and this was more frequent (P<0.001) in crossbred cows (72.6%) than in Friesians, (59.9%) and in Bunaji (32.7%). Second Calvers (67.1%) were more susceptible (P<0.01) to reproductive problems than heifers (56.0%) and mature cows (45.3%). The incidence of still birth (8.10%) and relative infertility (8.2%), were influenced by genotype (P<0.05); similarly genotypic differences (P<0.001) were observed in the incidence of retained placenta (7.4%). Abortion (5.6%), dystocia (12.2%) and repeat breeding (12.5%) were uniformly distributed among genotypes. Parity of dams had marked influence (P<0.001) on dystocia, still birth and retained placenta. Significant differences (P<0.01) were also observed on the incidence of relative infertility, but the rate of dystocia (P<0.01), abortion and repeat breeding (P<0.001) varied with the years. The results emphasize the need for greater management intervention to reduce the incidence of reproductive problems in sub tropical cattle herds.

Keywords: Cattle, Reproductive problems, Subtropic

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